Candle Care

Here at Canhwyllau Eryri Candles we want you to get the most from your candles.

In a few easy steps you can help care for your candle to get the best results.

  • Step 1: During first use allow the candle to burn for 3-4 hours for a healthy wax pool to start around the whole diameter, this will help reduce tunnelling in the wax.
  • Step 2: In order to help reduce the chance of tunnelling in the candle, our candles should be burned for approximately 2+ hours to produce a healthy pool of wax every time. The candles should never be burning for more than 4 hours at a time. 
  • Step 3: Before every use trim the wick down to approximately 1/4 of an inch. Not trimming the wick can cause 'mushrooming' at the top of the wick, this can lead to excessive flickering or smoke. If a wick is trimmed before use this can also help stop the wick from curling into the melted wax while on. All of our candles are easily trimmed using wick cutters. Please have a look at our cutters in the catalogue.
  • Step 4: In order to reduce smoke when extinguishing the candle try to use a candle extinguisher/snuffer. This will allow you to extinguish the flame from a safe distance and also reduce the amount of smoke released. Never put out the candle by placing the jar lid on.

By using these easy steps you can hopefully have the best experience possible from your candles. Now relax and enjoy the amazing scent and flickering flame our candle can give you.